The largest piece of equipment that we will use while repairing your foundation is a wheelbarrow. No trucks, trailors, or tractors will be tearing up your yard!

To make your repairs, we must re-support your foundation on columns which we call pilings.

Pilings are installed by hydraulics driving them beneath the foundations. The pilings serve as a platform upon which we set a jack to raise the settled portions of the foundation. The pilings transfer the weight of the house from the unstable surface soils to deeper, more stable layers. The process individually tests the bearing capability of the soil and piling at each location.

Pilings are placed from 5 to 7 feet apart around the section or sections of your house that have settled. We will hand dig a hole that is approximately 2 1/2 feet square and 3 1/2 feet deep. The dirt from the holes will be put on plastic sheeting to protect your grass. Any shrubs in the way will be transplanted off to the side, survival of shrubs is not guaranteed. In paved areas we will cut concrete with a diamond saw blade in order to leave a clean and neat edge.

Once your pilings are in place, your house can be leveled immediately. The Leveling crew will raise your house to as near a level condition as possible. They will pour your concrete patches, replant your shrubs, rake and wash your yard, and wash all affected paved areas.